Aeria Games has made the decision to shut down Scarlet Blade
Scarlet blade is an interesting foray into the “mature” MMO world. A sci-fi MMORPG, Scarlet Blade has a lot to offer players, from massive PvP battles to Mech Mode, or even unwinding at the Nightclub. The game's cast of characters are all exclusively female except for the Cyberblade. It's clear that the developers behind Scarlet Blade were big believers in the idea that sex sells, as the entire cast of female characters are busty and near nude. Players can even go full-commando if they're willing to open their wallets. Besides the overly sexualized characters, Scarlet Blade is a real MMORPG with some depth to it.

After almost three years online, Aeria Games has made the decision to shut down Scarlet Blade on March 31st. According to Aeria, the past year has been "especially tough" due to a lack of content updates and server instability. After the "mixed feedback" that followed the last major content patch, the developers ended up cutting their staff. As a result, wait times for content updates and fixes for the aforementioned instability were increased. Aeria believes that they can no longer provide a quality experience and, thus, are shutting the game down. The decision was largely influenced by a specific issue in December where a content update could not be correctly patched and the servers had to be rolled back. And if you want to buy Scarlet Blade (US) Gold, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Having been live for three years, Scarlet Blade was suffering server instability and a lack of content updates from the developers, including a server rollback during a content update in December. Aeria Games will refund players who purchased into the game between January 1 and March 31, granting refunds to the Aeria Games account after April 4. A veteran item package is being offered for Echo of Soul to encourage players to transition to a new MMORPG.

Due to the shutdown, all purchases made after January 1st will be refunded. Everyone who is being displaced will receive a "Veteran Item Package" for Echo of Soul, which contains a jump to level 35 and some other items to help players get started. Scarlet Blade will likely go down in history as "the adult Aeria Games title." Alas, with content updates of questionable quality and slow development, even that could not save the game and its "femmes fatales."
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