An exciting world, amazing amounts of customisation and satisfying combat set Wildstar apart from the increasingly generic pack
In a genre oversaturated with the same old, Wildstar plays it pretty safe. Luckily, Carbine Studios’ debut title does so with charm and subtle dashes of innovation. It’s not the MMORPG revolution some people are so desperately seeking, but it is a small step in the right direction.

Wildstar is a procession of familiar stuff, and I’m riding rails through this well-trod territory, one cartoon presentation after the next, enduring its forced ebullience as it shows me yet again something I’ve seen many times before. Mr. Toad’s Mild Ride. Sometimes Wildstar tries to engage me with button press gimmicks or a Simon style memorization game or by making me press the T or G key to use some special inventory item I didn’t realize it had given me. Again, I almost feel bad. Really, Wildstar, you don’t have to.

A colourful and engaging new entry in the crowded MMO arena, WildStar is a cracking experience that will engage veterans of the genre and newcomers alike. An exciting world, amazing amounts of customisation and satisfying combat set this game apart from the increasingly generic pack. It is still let down a little by some MMO staples such as grinding but don’t let that keep you from diving into this first rate experience.

The more I play Wildstar, the more I lose patience with how slowly it progresses. I should be getting deeper and deeper into its gravity well by getting more and more invested. Instead, I’m just getting more restless. The character advancement is glacial and the resource sinks are abundant. Nothing happens quickly in Wildstar. I will not feel rich or powerful for a very long time, if ever. The combat is that same repetitive grinding away at bags of hit points, where every encounter is a done deal before it even starts, unless you accidentally aggro another creature, or maybe you fought something two levels higher than you because you weren’t really paying attention. You’ve been here before so many times.

I said before that WildStar uses a Saturday morning cartoon like appearance, the characters look brimming with character making it easy to see who are the good guys and bad guys with the Dominion races looking more menacing and fearsome than the angelic seeming Exiles. With the graphics ramped up, the detail is nice and sharp on each character model, the world however is vast but texture less most of the time.
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