Check out these quick tips in order to improve yourself in Minion Masters
Minion Masters is a wonderful game of strategy that requires experience and finesse to truly master. That being said, there are still a number of tips and tricks that any new player can take advantage of if they wish to improve their skills.

Efficient starter deck with only basic(free) cards for beginners(Made it into top 20 with a 89% win rate). Some general tips and potential additions to the deck given a more developed card collection. Information on how to use the Master(s) and Minions of this deck. Meta Decks are discussed as potential opponents as well as decks to aspire to. Finally a couple of video from Wood to Gold to show the deck in action.

This game is pretty straight-forward. You have to try to destroy the opponent's tower before they destroy yours. You do so by spending mana to play cards with different abilities. Your mana maxes out at 10 and is gained at different rates throughout the match.

Game Formats: Solo, Random Duo, Pre-Made Duo
My least played format by far.  It is a good format, and some of the best players play here.  However, I enjoy the communication and cooperation that comes with playing with a partner.  This is where rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock is really apparent since you don’t have a partner to fill any gaps your deck may have, and you are less likely to win if your deck is a bad match against the opponent’s deck, regardless of individual skill levels.

Tips are offered in great detail on the next page of the walkthrough for achievements that they correspond with. But here are some general tips:
  •     Have control of bridges as often as you can. The more bridges you control, the quicker you fill up your XP bar and unlock abilities.
  •     Each master has different abilities. Familiarize yourself with their abilities and find out which master works best for you.
  •     The tutorial for some reason doesn't mention this, but if you are using a card with more than one unit, spawn it in the center to have units travel towards both bridges.
  •     Complete daily challenges often to unlock gold to buy power tokens or shop items.
  •     Check the shop each time you log on. Shop items change at 12:00 p.m. EST. The shop offers discounted bundle deals and often offers free cards, shards or gold.
  •     Check the Codes Thread on TrueAchievements for active codes to use in-game for free cards, coins, shards, rubies, etc.

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