Combat in WildStar should be fast-paced and involved
Player choice isn’t something Wildstar is lacking. Between classes, paths, crafting, dungeons, and warplots it would be fair to say that options associated with character levelling aren’t quite as limited as they tend to be in other MMORPGs. This week Carbine Studios revealed yet another component to that already varied list, something they call Adventures.

These five-man branching instances unlock at level 15, and allow the team behind Wildstar to experiment with mechanics and story details that otherwise Planet Nexus, the alien world in which the game is set, wouldn’t be able to accommodate.

Servers were, of course, not immediately available, and the spinning hamster wheel of doom, which we learned via WildStar‘s official Twitter was actually the spinning Chompacabra of doom, taunted us with dreams of what lie beyond. I’m sure that at this point there were some folks legitimately surprised that there were server issues, and probably angry, but it’s all to be expected, and it’s hard to knock a game for something that happens to every single other online game launch ever. A reported DDoS attack on the servers didn’t help the matter any, but within the first hour reports started coming in that folks were getting into the game, and those of us who weren’t in yet began trying to hit our login buttons at just the right angle, with the proper amount of force, to magically enter us into the land of WildStar.

Combat in WildStar should be fast-paced and involved. Instead it simply adds the need to keep an active hand on the mouse while you mash keys. And the major problem is that the monsters of the world do have normal attacks, and they will hit you no matter how much you dodge and jump and wonder when the game will actually start serving up “action gameplay.”

The PVP-style combat behaves exactly as advertised, but since a large part of any MMORPG is PVE the effect of dipping, ducking, and dodging has no effect. No matter how much my Draken sorcerer rolled about and fired his guns, he took as much damage as he would have by standing still from mobs in the field. So after killing 7/7 holograms and 1/1 boss holograms I was allowed to partake in the beachhead landing of an Exile-controlled shore and start taking some land for the glorious Dominion. This leads into the major faction war that drives the PVP and base assault gameplay of WildStar. It is at the heart of the game, and drives player action.
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