Combat is where WildStar gains traction as a serious proposition for experienced players
WildStar is fun. The feeling is that of dashing around an arcade, never lingering long enough in one place to get bored. It may not be enough to shake genre detractors out of their antipathy, but it’s a welcome change of pace nonetheless.

Combat is where WildStar gains traction as a serious proposition for experienced players. It’s incredibly mobile – almost every attack has an area of effect and a charge period, telegraphed on the ground as transparent coloured panels. You roll, run and dodge to stay within safe areas, painting your own damage onto wide areas of the landscape to counter your opponent. Each class is a variant on this template. Warriors and Spellslingers are the most traditional: melee and ranged respectively, they emphasise mobility and accuracy. Spellslingers have the highest skill ceiling in the game, requiring fast reactions and the ability to combo aimed abilities into one another – a setup that’s more MOBA than MMOG.

The final thing that you’ll notice about WildStar’s Elder Game is that you no longer generate experience from handing in quests and defeating enemies. You do, however, collect Elder Points, which, when you’ve maxed out the bar you get a single Elder Gem. You then use these Elder Gems to purchase gear and more from the Elder Gem merchant in the capital city. You might think that this sounds a little silly at first, but there have been so many MMOs over the past couple of years where gameplay has just stopped because there’s nothing to do, and if you’re the type of person who either doesn’t like dungeons/raids, or can’t do them due to time-constraints, then having an actual reason to continue playing is a genuine godsend.

Here are some best WildStar Addons for you.

If the entity you’re interested is within render distance, Ayth_Quest slaps a great big flashing neon sign on them. Or something similar. The user defines what they’d like the addon to pay attention to – for example, slaughter challenge targets.

Interested in playing the market? Staying on top of natural price fluctuations is an essential part of exploitation, and CommodityStats will poll and graph the numbers as they change.

For when you’d like to know when those specific, important effects are present. Got an ability that can only be used after a critical hit? AuraMastery makes it obvious. Does this boss have a status that might render you properly squished if you miss it? AuraMastery makes it obvious.
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