EVGA will be replacing all RTX 3090 Cards Killed By New World
 Amazon's New World beta seems to be going well. The game recently passed 200,000 concurrent players on Steam, which is pretty good for a game that hasn't even been officially released yet.

But it seemed that Amazon’s New World MMORPG, which is currently in beta, was bricking the GPUs of gamers who took part in the beta. The gamers who were affected by this were mainly those who had EVGA’s RTX 3090 GPU, which is a high-end and expensive GPU, so as you can imagine, they are frustrated by it.

PC Gamer was told directly by EVGA that it is planning to replace every single RTX 3090 card destroyed by New World. A spokesperson told PC Gamer matter of factly that “Yes, all failed 3090’s are being replaced.”

For a while, Amazon remained silent on the issue, but a post from a customer service rep over on New World's Game Support forum has now acknowledged the MMO can cause 100 percent GPU usage on EVGA RTX 3090 graphics cards, pointing the finger of blame at "driver settings and framerate limiters".

The good news is that EVGA will be replacing those GPUs for free. In a statement made to PCGamer, EVGA confirmed that the failed 3090 GPUs that were bricked by the game will be replaced, so gamers who are affected can reach out to the company to get their replacement unit.

We’re not sure if this was a necessary move by EVGA. This is because it wasn’t really EVGA’s fault that the game caused their GPUs to get bricked, but regardless, it’s a good thing and also a good PR move for the company. Considering how much these GPUs cost, we’re sure that many gamers affected by this are relieved.

The funny thing here is that the issue wasn't limited to just New World. Igor'sLAB was able to replicate the same thing while playing Anno 1800, an older game that also shouldn't push the RTX 3090 to anywhere near its limit.

After patching the game, Amazon sent a statement to Kotaku that the beta was “safe to play.” I think a bunch of people with dead EVGA cards would probably disagree with that statement.

"The New World closed beta is safe to play. In order to further reassure players, we will implement a patch today that caps frames per second on our menu screen. We're grateful for the support New World is receiving from players around the world, and will keep listening to their feedback throughout beta and beyond."
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