Fighting things in WildStar is pretty entertaining
If you're the kind of player who finds beast-bothering plays second fiddle to seeing more of the world and seeking out its hidden places, Carbine have you pegged as an Explorer. Using your Locator, you'll make your way to bits of Nexus that other play styles don't know about and in many cases can't even see. Rewards stem from reaching strange places, such as finding a spatial anomaly which grants you temporary power-jumping or activating a node on an un-climbable rock spire which shows you a secret path up its side.

Fighting things in WildStar is pretty entertaining, which turns out to be a good thing as this MMO presents an awful lot of opportunities for fighting things. Alongside better-than-average combat animations and a lovely moment where you hoover up loot afterwards, the team's made a real effort to bring something distinct to its futuristic brawls. Don't think of it as a reinvention, think of it as a rebalancing: each class still has a candystore tray for hot key actions and their attendant cool-downs, but WildStar also wants you to look up from the UI at the bottom of the screen while you work, too. It's taken the area-of-effect telegraphing templates you often see in other games, and it's built them deep into the moment-to-moment skirmishes that erupt with even the smallest of enemies.

The path In Wildstar enables you to complete additional quests connected with what you like to do. Moreover, gaining higher levels in your path provides special skills.

Settler is a path for those who like to gather resources, to later build constructions that will be helpful to others. It provides quests consisting of gathering materials for someone, as well as constructing buff-providing machines, mailboxes or vendors. All this should be done in specially marked places.

Settler's Campfire - Creates a fireplace, which enhances healing and increases maximum health for an hour.

Summon: Vendbot - Creates a vendor for sixty seconds, in which you can sell all of your items.

Summon: Mailbox - Creates a mailbox.

Summon: Ability kiosk - Creates an ability kiosk, in which you can buy new abilities.
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