How to increase your Corporate Level in NBA 2K22 MyCareer on Next Gen
How to increase your Corporate Level in NBA 2K22 MyCareer on Next Gen is something many remain confused about as they try to secure the shoe deals and endorsements of their MyPlayers' dreams.

If you look at your available endorsements menu in NBA 2K22’s MyCareer, you might notice that some have a corporate requirements. Examples of these endorsements are Nike and Hyperice. Raising a player’s corporate level, can be tricky. Nevertheless, it can be done. So, how can you raise your MyPlayer’s corporate level? Let’s go over some tips.

Runway Walks
The best way to increase your Corporate level fast is by performing Runway walks with certain animations. Walk and turn animations will affect your personal brand levels, and choosing one that increases Corporate level will also decrease Free Spirit level.

    Walk Animations — Monotone, Understated Elegance, Pensive
    Turn Animations — Ball is Life, Casual Cool, Motown Moves, The Thespian

One stage appearance should result in around 15-30 Corporate Level points, and multiple runs can be done in order to level up quickly.

Players can even answer questions from the media at the event in order to earn some extra Corporate Level points.Reporter Candace Green has a propensity to ask corporate-themed questions. Examples of appropriate responses include:

    Following the organization’s lead
    Being in starting lineup is earned, not given
    Wins are the most important result

To sign a particular brand deal, players simply have to fulfill the Fans and Personal Brand level requirements that can be seen in the Progression tab in NBA 2K22’ MyCareer mode. The Corporate Level of your MyPlayer can be increased by simply progressing in the game and playing as many competitive matches as possible.

Ultimately, they are all relatively easy to build up naturally as you play NBA games and complete quests, except for the Nike deal, which requires players to get to a whopping Level 8 in Corporate.

By doing these activities, Corporate level will rise, but other branding levels may take a small hit. It is important to balance the levels to unlock endorsements. Many players trying to increase Corporate level want to get the Nike endorsement, which requires Corporate level 8. Keep increasing the level throughout the season by performing activities and then you can obtain the Nike endorsement.

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