Learn about the combat in the WildStar
WildStar uses a system of telegraphs for combat, where zones are displayed on the ground, allowing a player to predict attacks of enemies and heals of allies. A player can dodge them by either walking or dashing out of them.

In addition to choosing a race and class, WildStar players will select one of four 'path' types - Explorer, Soldier, Scientist and Settler. These determine how you'll go about the business of planet-grabbing. The MMO fiends at PC Gamer have already had a hands-on with the game, so for more info on how the path system works, go check out PC Gamer's WildStar preview.

The combat in Wildstar is very dynamic and there's no time for standing in one place. No matter if you're are a tank, a DPS or a healer, you always have to be on the move.

Some changes were also introduced in the combat system. It is still about marking the opponent and pressing the buttons responsible for given abilities, but introduction of such possibilities as avoiding the incoming blows (e.g. jump to the side) made the player's skills much more important to the outcome of a fight.

Mobs have various skills. Sometimes they breathe fire, continuously dealing damage. Sometimes they aim at you for a given amount time and if you don't dodge in the last moment, you will be hit. Every fight is unique and a constantly varying range of skills is a standard in this game.

Sometimes the enemy blinds you. Your screen then turns black. The best thing you can do in such situation, is to perform a dodge to the side or stun the mob before it changes position. If the mob dazes you, it is best to stay in one place and continue hitting. If you try to move, you will notice that your movement keys have been mixed and you may not know which one to use.
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