Meeting with Asleum, developer of Roblox games for 10 years
On the occasion of the launch of the French version of Roblox, we met Asleum. Developer on the platform for ten years, Asleum tells us more about the creative side of Roblox, what it brought him and his advice for young developers who want to embark on their first creations.

For Asleum, the Roblox adventure begins a bit by chance a decade ago. Beginning his adventure on the platform as a simple "player", Asleum is quickly attracted by the creative aspect of Roblox and embarks on development. His first game "a simple hurdle race" does not know a great success but it does not matter, "the essential thing is to try".

In its early days, Asleum has no notion of coding or programmatic. However, thanks to the simplicity of the tools made available on the platform, Asleum will discover a passion for development that today explains its orientation towards computer studies. He admits to "having acquired more technical skills on Roblox than on the banks of college" and his experience on the game, written on his resume, is valued by employers.


It must be said that since 2008, Asleum has made good progress. In collaboration with Frinigus, an American met on one of the many forums where the Roblox community shares his coding experience, he met with great success with his latest project entitled Temple Thieves. He is even dubbed by Chris Misner, president of Roblox International, who quotes his game among his favorites! For a project of this magnitude, Asleum and his colleagues from Sharkbytes Studio will have worked for 3 months.

When asked if he has any advice to give a developer wishing to embark on his first game, Asleum is reassuring. "Even if your game is not a success, the experience gained will always be positive for the future," he explains. Especially for him, the creation is as rewarding as fun and so do not hesitate to embark. The creation tool is designed to welcome beginners smoothly by offering many tips and tutorials.

All work deserves pay and Roblox knows it. On the platform, content creators can earn money directly by adding items to the sale in their game. Thanks to this, Asleum has been able to make "a lot of pocket money" and ensures that anyone with good ideas and investment can come to life from his creations!

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