Most of WildStar's playable races were inspired by sci-fi classics
If you've had about as much as you can take from elves, orcs and formulaic combat, WildStar might just be the MMO (massively multiplayer game) for you.

Carbine Studios' science fiction epic aims to revitalise a saturated genre by providing both genre veterans and newcomers with a unique world to explore and shaking up tried and tested mechanics.

Wildstar is loaded with personality, and although many of WildStar's playable races were inspired by sci-fi classics such as Star Wars, Aliens and Golden Age pulp novels, there are no generic MMO archetypes to be found here.

For example, lets say your quest involves freeing some prisoners. While you can gain loot and experience just from completing the quest, you can gain additional experience by completing it in a set time, or by doing it in a certain way. This makes the whole experience far more rewarding and varied.

Wildstar also features a system called Paths which allows you to tailor your experience of Wildstar to how you like to play MMOs. There are four paths to choose from; Explorer, Solider, Settler and Scientist – each with their own unique content, challenges and skills to unlock and master.

Despite a bumpy ride for PvP players initially, Carbine has managed to weather the storm and deliver one of the better launches in recent years, and its early zones have been great to explore and level in. Get beyond the standard quest affair and seemingly-same-old UI, and the telegraph combat system will kick it up a notch like never before. WildStar’s first steps are hugely encouraging, and providing the content remains as entertaining as it has been during the early levels, Carbine & NCSOFT could be onto a long-term winner.
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