Mounts are heavily customisable in WildStar
WildStar makes a striking first impression. It's an absolutely gorgeous game, saturated with bright, inviting colors, and loaded with ornate details that bring this massively multiplayer role-playing game to life. 20 hours in, and the most striking sight must still be the herds of gazelle-like grazers that elegantly leap across the screen. The mix of fantasy, science fiction, Saturday morning cartoon, and comic book makes WildStar stand out. You might be tempted to compare WildStar's aesthetic to World of Warcraft's, given the exaggerated shapes and hand-drawn textures, but on a whole, WildStar's art design is very much its own, in spite of its obvious inspirations. if you love the game, you can buy ws gold and Cheapest WildStar Platinum at here.

As with most MMOs, the game begins by allowing you to make a character. There are several options to choose, beginning with a selection from one of two factions you want to play on, and which of the four races on each suits your style. Each race has no benefit over another, so it's merely a stylistic choice. In regards to Exiles versus Dominion, neither is necessary evil, but the latter certainly comes across as the much more domineering of the two. Depending on which you choose you'll begin in a completely different area of Nexus, and will spend the majority of the leveling experience in faction-specific zones.

In a continuation from the genius housing system, mounts are also heavily customisable. We’re not just talking about shitty low-res emblems either, you can add objects to your mounts as easily as adding a decoration to your house, and they range from cool, to very silly. If you want to put a bowl of noodles on the tail of your lizard mount, go for it, and worry about the messy consequences later.

WildStar remembers what it was like back when you had to actually work towards things in games though, so don’t expect your mount to be handed to you on a plate from the beginning. If you want one straight away at level 15, you’re gonna need to budget wisely from the start (a task made very difficult by the temptation of housing). Of course, this just makes finally getting your mount that much more rewarding. you can ride around on a hoverboard. Oh, sorry. You haven’t immediately left this page to purchase WildStar yet, I can’t have made myself clear enough. You can own a hoverboard. You can be an intergalactic Marty McFly. Better, in fact, because WildStar’s hover-boards don’t shit themselves when they travel over water.
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