NBA 2K22 will let you carry over most of your in-game progression
NBA 2K21 made its next-gen debut last year, giving fans one of the best-looking basketball games ever made, while the gameplay was solid, albeit with a number of annoying in-game purchases hampering the overall release, so you can see why fans are excited for this year’s NBA 2K22, which will likely come to both current-gen and next-gen consoles, hopefully with less of those annoying microtransactions. Anyway, here’s everything you need to know about NBA 2K22:

The games will, at least, let you carry over most of your in-game progression. NBA 2K21 will ship with a feature called MyTEAM Cross-Progression that allows your MyTEAM points, tokens, cards and progress to move between consoles built by the same manufacturer. In addition, there will be a Shared VC Wallet that keeps your virtual cash in sync.

What NBA 2K22 Pre-Order Bonuses to Expect
NBA 2K pre-order bonuses typically include digital content add-ons such as virtual currency (VC), clothes, shoes, accessories, skill and Gatorade boosts, MyTEAM cards, and even unlocked player animations. The amount of bonus content is based on which version of the game was pre-ordered. Along with versions for each console generation, there are two versions of the game: Standard Edition and Legend Edition. The Legend Edition version will offer more digital content than Standard due to it being the more expensive version.

A release date for NBA 2K22?
For the moment, if we follow this leak, the release of NBA 2K22 should take place on September 10 on the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles but also on the current generation of console (Xbox One and PS4). Regarding the PC and Nintendo Switch versions, nothing has yet been revealed.

NBA 2K22 Features
Last year, 2K Sports and Visual Dynamics were very reserved about the new features of the upcoming 2K21. We are hoping that they’ll be more transparent this year and reveal more about the new features of the upcoming game before the release date.

We can expect that there will be numerous improvements with a focus on the current-generation platforms. There is a high probability that some of the current features will be reworked. You can also expect yearly upgrades and new features to popular modes like MyCAREER.

The NBA 2K franchise is known for mixing generally-excellent gameplay with frustrating microtransactions. The publisher's decision to forgo a free cross-gen upgrade, therefore, is hardly surprising. Still, it's another example of how inconsistently developers and publishers are handling the issue. Crystal Dynamics, for comparison, has confirmed that the PS4 and Xbox One version of Marvel’s Avengers will include a free console upgrade. There's no single policy, in short, that will apply to either the PS5 or Xbox Series X ecosystem, meaning it will fall on consumers to research and understand what the situation is with each of their favorite franchises.

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