One of Wildstar's biggest distractions is the challenge system
One of Wildstar's other biggest (and smartest) distractions is the challenge system. Let's say I had a quest to kill 10 space goats. As I struck the finishing blow on my first eternal foe, an overenthusiastic, omnipresent narrator would shout "CHALLENGE STARTED!" Now, in addition to my regular, story-driven quest to kill these grass-chewing menaces, I'd have an extra challenge with multiple levels of ranking and reward depending on how many goats I could kill within a time limit.

This system reacts brilliantly with the existing, more traditional quest system on multiple levels. Yes, I was stuck doing the same generic kill quests that exist in every MMO. But Wildstar provided motivation to do so faster, for additional rewards. As someone with experience in the genre and the desire to push through quickly, I felt like the game was recognizing my skill even in the earliest, easiest content.

This chaos can lead to confusion to those not practiced in the mechanics of WildStar, which involves throwing out any preconceived MMO ideas out of a tall building and tackling any and all objectives with an open mind. Changing the core concepts of a game from the very beginning after so many people spent over a decade with set patterns and mechanics can be jarring at the least and frustrating at its worst. WildStar also demands the player always pays attention regardless of the situation, which will disappoint many looking for a mindless romp through a pretty landscape, but offer a welcoming challenge to those willing to learn.

This spirit of customisation, from your character down to your overall experience, is something that Wildstar does really well and is a huge asset to the game. Once you reach a certain level, player housing will unlock which is not only a brilliant idea but something that is deviously addictive. As soon as I began the process of construction, I felt that same buzz I once had from Animal Crossing, already feeling the urge to find new furniture and change the colour of the sky. Wait, no that is right. In Wildstar, if you want a moody purple sky behind your house, consider it done!

As one of these characters you complete quests on Nexus, a world divided into traditional MMOG zones and biomes. The game’s structure will be familiar to anyone who has played a game in this genre in the past five years – what does make it feel fresh is the work Carbine has done to celebrate, rather than bury, the theme park beneath. Grow in power and the words ‘Level Up!’ explode onto the screen in pink-and-chrome ’80s type, something more befitting Guitar Hero than a sci-fi MMOG. Quests are delivered in Tweet-length snippets and can be handed in over the phone rather than having to backtrack. Killing multiple enemies in a row triggers timed challenges that deliver rewards through a Jetpack Joyride-style loot roulette system, and a booming narrator calls out multi-kills, kill streaks and so on.
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