The abilities system in Wildstar is very flexible and user-friendly
First and foremost it's important to note that WildStar is a brand-new IP. Set in a fictional sci-fi world, all of its zones are based on the planet Nexus, a place where the mercenary-like Exiles and autocratic Dominion factions collide. Due to the nature of WildStar being a new IP, Carbine Studios has had the freedom to design the game however they would like from the ground up. Although that means everything here has no connection to other mediums, it also means the game has been made in a way that is focused on the gaming experience, rather than having to make sacrifices to adhere to lore or laws. This proves to be one of its greatest assets.

Wildstar begins by allowing you to make a character. There are several options to choose, beginning with a selection from one of two factions you want to play on, and which of the four races on each suits your style. Each race has no benefit over another, so it's merely a stylistic choice. In regards to Exiles versus Dominion, neither is necessary evil, but the latter certainly comes across as the much more domineering of the two. Depending on which you choose you'll begin in a completely different area of Nexus, and will spend the majority of the leveling experience in faction-specific zones.

The abilities system in Wildstar is very flexible and user-friendly, thanks to the option of modifying the abilities. The whole set of abilities in the game is called the "Action Set Builder". It should be noted that at the 20th level, the character gains an additional Action Set tab, which gives the option of creating two different builds that can be switched at any time, out of combat (for example a DPS build and a Tank build.)

If you have yet to secure your WildStar account, the process is fairly painless. NCSoft accounts support the use of Google Authenticator, which means you can download the rather excellent Authy, available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac OS X and Windows. Scan a QR code to add the game, follow the prompts and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from free stuff and a little peace of mind that your Chua Engineer isn’t going to end up naked and destitute.
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