The biggest difference between WildStar and most other MMOs
The biggest difference between WildStar and most other MMOs is that along with choosing a race/faction/class combination, you can also choose a Path to go down while you’re playing. These Paths are either Soldier, Explorer, Scientist or Settler, and each have their own unique abilities, quests and advantages.

For example, the character I chose to create is an Explorer and, as such, I tend to get quests that revolve around climbing to the tops of mountains and trees to place a flag and claim the spot for the Dominion. There are also entire quest lines that are only available to a certain Path such as a door that can only be opened by a Scientist, or a secret underground cave system which can only be uncovered by an Explorer. Furthermore, Settlers can get to work in a town to create various different items from crafting stations to buff machines. Everybody gets to add something to the whole team, whether you’re in a group or not.

Alongside the revamped PvE mechanics are certain professions a player can take which are offered at the creation of their character, ranging from Soldiers, Scientists, Explorers, and Settlers. The Soldiers themselves are the typical hold areas, test items and free friendly NPCs and offers itself as the most generic and familiar option. Scientists explore the lore and environments in the world, allowing one that was especially interested in the story of WildStar a profession to satisfy their curiosities. Explorers climb vistas and reach hard-to-find areas on a map and Settlers help themselves and other players with buffs, vendors, and flying waypoints to other areas depending on where the nodes lie. These separate quests offer the ability to break up the monotony of questing with side tasks that reward cosmetic armor, titles, and more importantly specific abilities that make fighting enemies easier in the world.

Here are some great WildStar Addons for you.

Are you and your buddies absently skittering about and splitting up when you ought to be playing together? You might be surprised how large an effect some simple arrows pointing out the distance between players might be. Alternatively, you could view this addon as keeping closer tabs on the children if they’re getting themselves into too much trouble.

This one does away with the fancy shmancy tree-style quest menu and reverts it to something more familiar to massively multiplayer veterans.

Simple, basic metric of how desperately that big nasty your group is fighting wants to cave your face in. If you’d like, it’ll blow a whistle when a monster’s about to blow out your candle.
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