The biggest hook of WildStar is without doubt the world on which it is set - The Nexus
The biggest hook of WildStar is without doubt the world on which it is set. The Nexus is the playground for all of the MMO shenanigans and it is a darn pretty playground at that. The graphical style of WildStar reminds me a lot of Beyond Good and Evil, with that wonderfully cartoony, yet somehow appropriately serious style. The variety of locations is also impressive with traditional dungeons, virtual reality strongholds, high tech installations, amazingly lush forests and many more. Never in my time with any other MMO have I been as excited about the scenery as I am in WildStar.

The group aspects of Wildstar are solid, even if it's not revolutionary. Carbine Studios has taken very few risks to change up existing conventions in this area, and the result is a group content that feels familiar. If you are tired of, or otherwise dislike this traditional model of group content in MMOs, I think it's safe to say Wildstar isn't the game for you. For others, though, this will be right up their alley.

Adventures are a fine mix of pre-programed sequences and open areas in which you are free to choose your angle of approach. For example, in my first adventure the entire team dropped from a transport ship down to a field below, but soon got to choose one of several tasks to deal with. This increases the replayability of the adventures, not to mention that each adventure comes with two difficulty levels.

Dungeons are, like the adventures, for five players, and they also come in a normal and a veteran mode. This type of content is mostly a linear progression of groups of enemies and boss fights. The more structured nature of this content demanded more cooperation within the group to succeed, and there was more room for tactical decision-making. This said, there's little revolutionary about dungeons in Wildstar - they are more or less just what we've come to expect from the genre.

Lastly we have raids, which are for either 20 or 40 player teams respectively. I haven't had the opportunity to try out this content, but suffice to say they are fairly standard as far as MMO raids go, but do offer the most hardcore of players an end game goal to push towards.
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