The nice thing about WildStar’s class system is that a single class can cover a couple of different roles
The nice thing about WildStar’s class system is that a single class can cover a couple of different roles. If you’re a Warrior but want to do melee DPS then you can, and you’re not going to be constantly forced into the role of a tank. If you have a competent Stalker in your group, then there’s no reason they can’t perform that role. Granted, a lot of long-standing MMO players might find it difficult to get out of the mindset of automatically assuming that “Warrior equals Tank”, but at least WildStar gives you a decent argument to put forward against anything that you don’t want to do.

The difference between Carbine’s game and most other MMOs (when it comes to character creation at least) is that along with choosing a race/faction/class combination, you can also choose a Path to go down while you’re playing. These Paths are either Soldier, Explorer, Scientist or Settler, and each have their own unique abilities, quests and advantages.

I think WildStar could be considered a revelation. Its bright colours, stunning vistas of cartoon plains, sherbet glaciers and candy floss clouds are eye-wateringly gorgeous. The combat is fast-paced, filled with skill-shots that draw one’s attention away from the hot key bashing. And every inch of the game is filled with diversions.

WildStar takes the foundations laid down by World of Warcraft almost 10 years ago — a game that the founding members of Carbine helped build — and throws in a bit of the skill-based combat that modern MMOs have started to favour. The result is a refined game that epitomises the model that started with WoW.

Here are some General wildstar Tips for you:

1. The bigger the group in which you search a team for an instance, the faster you will find it.

2. Travelling by roads (orange line on your map) makes you travel faster.

3. Rest XP doesn't earn you experience immediately, but you obtain a small part of it after killing a monster.

4. Speed increasing mounts can be bought in the Capital City.

5. When clicking on the title of a quest in your questlog, you will be shown the directions.
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