The time has finally come for WildStar to back up all that hype
The time has finally come for WildStar to back up all that hype. For years Carbine Studios has said that they will cater to all of the jaded MMO fans out there, as well as the most hardcore of players seeking a challenge -- and that's quite a tall order.

While they haven't quite succeeded with all their claims in the early stages of the game, there's still plenty of time to go on my journey to level 50, and I'm still having a good deal of fun getting there. It’s an MMORPG. Other games of late have almost shied from the title, but Wildstar makes no bones about what it is, how concerted an effort it is to appeal to a particular sort of gamer. I can respect that: at least it’s not pretending to be something other than it is, unlike some of its recent peers. If you say “it’s another MMO” to it, it will look you square in the eye and say “yes, yes I am, what of it?”

In a big way, the build of Wildstar I played last week wasn’t enormously different from the one I did at GamesCom last summer, which I would imagine speaks to a clear, determined development plan. There was much more in there, in terms of both content and polish, but the key concept and look was the same. There are two major differences to tell about you, though.

Decisions made during the character creation process will determine many aspects of your destiny on Nexus. While classes are limited to specific races, WildStar allows you to tailor your own experience with its Paths system.

"Playing how you want to play is fundamental to WildStar, and we give you that in a bunch of ways," executive producer Jeremy Gaffney told Digital Spy. "For instance, you choose a Path depending on how you like to play games. If you're a socialiser you choose a settler, who gets benefits for helping other players in the world, you build up quest hubs, collect resources and spend them on stations, buildings, quest hubs and outposts.

"If you like combat, you can choose to be a soldier. It's not enough to have kill quests and challenges. Soldiers opt in and are given things like assassination missions and given extra rewards for slaying hordes of monsters."
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