There’s so much to do in WildStar that it can almost be overwhelming at times
There’s so much to do in WildStar that it can almost be overwhelming at times. Thankfully, even then you don’t need to leave Nexus, and can simply go to your own handy “home away from home” floating high above the ground. Once you arrive in your first city, you will be able to purchase your own home and customise it however you want. My main character being an Outfitter, I chose to plant trees which I can harvest from time to time, as well as a crafting table and items that spawn leather pieces. It’s not much, but there’s a huge amount of scope to it if you’ve got the cash.

One of the more anticipated features in WildStar is the player housing, which involves decorating a plot of land designated as your own with no outside player input on items. Typically this includes predetermined set pieces for homes and land, which Carbine does provide, though it doesn’t give the same set ground for accessories. The accessories one can gain through the game world either by crafting or fighting are fully customizable to an absurd degree. If the player wants a tiny table with cubs the size of a Human being it’s doable through the customizable scaling and rotation of items. If one’s prerogative is to make a by-the-books home with a carefully decorated indoor area then that is allowed, though if another wanted to go all out crazy and make a park for hoverboards it’s doable through patience.

The housing wasn’t simply a tacked on feature to satiate a player’s urge to have something of their own in private, there are crafting stations, supply nodes, and bonuses one can gain in their own plot of land. There are rewards to having a home through bonus rested experience, or even boosted experience and money through PvP, crafting, or PvE. Everything about the player housing was done correctly, and Carbine provides the most depth for it out of any MMO on the market today, it’s surprisingly easy to sink in hours decorating land.

Its not all for looks here though, every players house offers a vast list of daily buffs, giving you the advantage you need and with what seems like a bottomless list of items to decorate your home and 6 open allotments, you’ll be at it for hours. I know I often had to fight the urge to change little things here and there, constantly wanting to alter the benefits my home could give me, as well as make a more impressive lair. Sim fever will bite you in full once you realise that you can also go crazy customising your armour and equipment. Finally I can get that bright pink armour I always dreamed of!
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