There is lots to do in WildStar though for those looking for a new MMO to sink their teeth into
There is lots to do in WildStar though for those looking for a new MMO to sink their teeth into. It’s worth a look if you’re willing to pay the dreaded subscription fee with is millions of side quests, storyline quests, challenges and of course Player versus player battle scenarios to test your mettle which are nothing short of exciting when working as a team.

In the end it's the map design that saves the solo portion of Wildstar from being nothing but a drag. Carbine are refreshingly creative in how they lay out their maps, and use this to revitalize the otherwise dry and tedious journey around Nexus. Already early on in the game I encountered items in the environment that allowed me to jump sky high, and gave me a wonderful sense of freedom of movement unlike anything I've experienced in other MMOs. Where others try to make a believable world, Carbine give you free reign to make the world your playground. Just getting from point A to point B can be a joy.

Additionally, the combat system helps to strengthen the experience as a whole. The area of impact of enemy and friendly attacks are shown to the player via visual icons, and active dodging and positioning is vital for succeeding in combat.

Another evolution of the genre I particularly appreciate is that I no longer need to physically report back to quest givers after a task is completed. Radios are a thing in the world of WildStar and apparently they can also teleport loot as I am able to hand in a quest with a click of the button and receive my reward for a job well done. No long treks back to home base just to get some dodgy armour. This system encourages me to keep on questing and without the need to return home I find myself wandering from task to task for hours. There is no need to interrupt the fun.

Many attacks can also be used while you are on the move, with the stalker class especially made with the idea of out-positioning the enemy in mind. It's fun and engaging to fight in Wildstar, something which especially is true of boss fights and larger group fights. If I were to criticize something about the combat system it would be the sense of impact is lacking. The attacks don't feel like they have much weight behind them, due to average animation quality coupled with high movability. This said, the combat system in its entirety is rock solid.
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