WildStar​ marks a new era for MMORPGs
WildStar makes a striking first impression. It's an absolutely gorgeous game, saturated with bright, inviting colors, and loaded with ornate details that bring this massively multiplayer role-playing game to life. 20 hours in, and the most striking sight must still be the herds of gazelle-like grazers that elegantly leap across the screen. With such a rich-looking world, I'm drawn to explore it because I might find something unexpected. The mix of fantasy, science fiction, Saturday morning cartoon, and comic book makes WildStar stand out. You might be tempted to compare WildStar's aesthetic to World of Warcraft's, given the exaggerated shapes and hand-drawn textures, but on a whole, WildStar's art design is very much its own, in spite of its obvious inspirations. If you love the Wildstar and are looking for some rich-looking world, don't hesitate to get this game and buy  WildStar Online Platinum and Cheap WildStar Gold.

At this point, I know a lot of you are going to ask, "is WildStar better than World of Warcraft?". That's a really difficult question to answer, but I can say with certainty that it's the best MMO since World of Warcraft. Despite having a similar visual appearance, WildStar is based in a sci-fi world that feels substantially different. In a way, it is reminiscent of the early days of World of Warcraft where content was much more challenging than what we see in this day and age. However, with its action-oriented combat, uniquely-stylized classes, and 10 less years of age, I'll leave it up to you to decide.

WildStar​ marks a new era for MMORPGs. It proves that action-oriented gameplay is the future, and combines that with an incredible amount of content for casual and hardcore players. It isn't perfect, though. It's got its share of bugs and could use improvements to its map and quest instructions. But ultimately, it's a game that is more well balanced than any other MMO has ever been at launch. Any MMO fan would be mistaken to miss out on at least giving WildStar a try.
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