WildStar’s eight playable races are divvied up comfortably between two factions both vying for control of Nexus
WildStar’s eight playable races are divvied up comfortably between two factions both vying for control of Nexus – the forgotten homeworld of the Eldan, a hyper-advanced race – which neatly sets the tone for a familiar two-sided confrontation. But even with the Dominion-Exile conflict now raging across the planet’s surface, your adventurer is the least interesting parts of this saga. The greater story lies in Nexus’ secrets, and while occasional bursts of dialog and quest text remind you of your heroic stature, WildStar ultimately falls prey to narrative issues common in MMORPGs -- painting you as the lone savior while you watch your same feats completed by a rotating door of adventurers.

The entirety that is Wildstar is focused around this mission. Without it, we would not be on Nexus, there would be no Exiles and there would certainly be no Dominion. Let’s dive right into this Galactic Empire and its vast collective of races.

The Dominion is a vicious empire that will stop at nothing to achieve its staunch goal of complete galactic conquest. This is simply because the Eldan told them to do it. The Cassians were gifted advanced technology and a race of protectors, the Mechari, to guide them on a heavy burden placed on them. “Become the rulers of the galaxy, it’s your destiny.” That was the message, and they heard it loud and clear.

An Advanced Diagnostic Virtual Environment Neuro-Tactile Universal Research Experiment or "Adventure" for short is is a simulated environment created by the Caretaker to test the capabilities of organics given certain conditions like extreme combat fatigue at the hands of a never-ending assault.

Adventures are extremely different from dungeons and other instances, in that they usually have some sort of gimmick or unique mechanic that you will have to deal with. Universal to all adventures are choices, either paths that determine what dangers you will face and benefits you reap, to decisions like what sort of guards you want to reinforce your defenses with, or who you wish to ally with.
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