WildStar’s vibrant cartoon visuals are more lushly lit and beautifully detailed than Blizzard’s aging behemoth
WildStar’s vibrant cartoon visuals are more lushly lit and beautifully detailed than those of Blizzard’s aging behemoth, they’re still clearly indebted to them, and the overall look and feel is very WoW. The same goes for the basic premise, which pits plucky renegades against an authoritarian Dominion on a distant world, and for the way it mixes distinct and unusual races with a solid range of classes. Even the text and icons have a WoW-esque feel.

Wildstar's combat system hybridization gets a bit awkward at times, with many classes possessing primary attacks that root them in place while they're being executed. It has never been fun to have to abandon an attack with a long cast time in order to move out of danger, and the frequency with which characters need to dodge in WildStar makes it even less fun. Heavily armored characters like the engineer can get away with deciding to take some hits, but the esper and medic get the worst of both worlds, being both lightly armored and possessing a lot of attacks that root the character in place.

Several old-fashioned design decisions weigh WildStar down a bit. Quality loot is still doled out to groups via a need or greed system instead of allowing all participating players to grab a goodie. Fast travel around the world, though available, is severely limited by cool-downs and a less-than-optimal transit system. Some game elements like gathering resources and completing pop-up challenges suffer from unnecessary player competition for scarce resources.

Renown is WildStar's social currency. Renown is earned whenever a player completes a task in a group, such as questing, completing a dungeon, or killing a world boss. Renown is primarily spent on customization and status symbols, but there are also combat-related ways to spend it, such as on flasks. The endgame currency for WildStar, Elder Gems are a resource that can be earned by whenever you would earn experience, with bonus being awarded whenever you complete Elder Game content.
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