WildStar allows you to tailor your own experience with its Paths system
WildStar runs with the traditional subscription based model, of which the player gets 30 days of game time for free, with the initial game purchase, and from there on there is a recurring fee for additional game time. WildStar is integrating a system similar to games like EVE Online, where players can earn game time by playing the game. The system worked by a currency named C.R.E.D.D. This is an in-game item, which can be consumed to extend a subscription by an additional 30 days. C.R.E.D.D. can be bought with in-game earned gold, or purchased online on the WildStar website.

WildStar's art style has an exaggerated cartoonish look to it, but its designers weren't afraid to go a few shades darker where they deemed it necessary. Some of the alien behemoths inhabiting the game's dungeons resemble the hellish monstrosities from the Diablo series, giving the game a pleasingly eclectic feel.

The world of Nexus is rich and diverse in wildstar. Decisions made during the character creation process will determine many aspects of your destiny on Nexus. While classes are limited to specific races, WildStar allows you to tailor your own experience with its Paths system. Players will encounter frozen wastes, scorching deserts and everything in betwee. There are also explorer and scientist Paths to select, with the former receiving rewards for charting new territory and unearthing secrets, and the latter given incentives to gather information and lore about the world of Nexus.

Here are some Classes in wildstar.

    Warrior (uses a mix of melee and tech attacks)
    Spellslinger (a dual-pistol wielding class that also has a slew of spells)
    Esper (a combat mentalist that projects psychic attacks and defenses)
    Stalker (a stealth class that uses a set of Wolverine-esque claws)
    Medic (wields deadly resonators. Plays like it sounds.)
    Engineer ("a pet class that doesn't play like a pet class." Features significant ranged tank/damage.)
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