WildStar certainly brings much needed uniqueness into the crowded MMO space
WildStar certainly brings much needed uniqueness into the crowded MMO space. The story is intricate and unique, and you'll have to piece it together with lore books and datacubes you'll find scattered about Nexus, the planet on which the game takes place, as well as through the game's interesting characters. But, basically, you're placed on Nexus as part of the Exiles or the Dominion to fight for your faction's rightful ownership of Nexus as you also attempt to unravel the secrets behind The Eldan--the race that was on Nexus before you bozos arrived--and what exactly happened to them.

So as per the MMO usual players will have their choice between ‘The Exiles’ (Chaotic good) and ‘The Dominion’ (Lawful evil) in which they are fighting over the mysterious planet of Nexus which holds more dangers than both groups realize. Each group has their own races to choose from. Classes and ‘Paths’ (Jobs outside of your class) are all available to both factions (although there are Class restrictions to some non-human races). After an obligatory tutorial on either the Destiny or the Gambler’s Ruin (depending on your faction) you’ll land on the planet and the real game begins.

Combat is very action & skill oriented, using ‘telegraphs’ players (and enemies) can line-up their attacks to their opponents and light them up – auto attacks don’t exist in WildStar. The Paths will keep you very busy as well because they give players a wide variety of tasks to accomplish for their faction, yourself, and sometimes other players. Challenges also exist in WildStar and they can be active by killing something or interacting with an object.

WildStar features a vast range and variety of missions. Each area has specific path activities, but you can also pick up story missions and side tasks. I tried to do it all, leading to a laundry list of tracked activities. However, it goes way deeper than “go here and kill rats” missions. Yes, there are killing tasks, but I was also using electrified paddles to shock enemies hiding in bushes, or disabling communication systems, or jumping through water spouts to reach hidden islands (even as a settler). Of course there is the common MMORPG aspect of going into enemy areas, killing off a bunch of henchmen and eventually a big boss, but the extra tasks and goofy cut scenes make the experience more entertaining and fulfilling.

Let’s begin with the bread of button of the experience – levelling. Wandering through the various zones is a familiar affair, with hubs acting as temporary resting points that deliver various types of quest chains – tasks (random quest), regional stories (which guide you through that particular hub), and world stories. The objectives for these quests are tried and tested – kill X of Y, pick up X of Y, attach a rocket to a Cubig, etc) although Carbine’s inclusion of a few aspects of Guild Wars 2’s public events system makes questing a more agreeable affair, and the combat system along with increasingly more elaborate telegraphs certainly mix things up as well.
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