Wildstar contains a number of features that make it much friendlier to those who are new to the MMO genre
Another massively multiplayer online game touted as a “WoW-killer,” Wildstar pits the nature-loving Exiles against the tyrannical Dominion in a battle for abandoned technology on the planet Nexus. As someone who traditionally hasn’t taken to the style of MMOs, this game excited me with its approachable nature; everything from the colorful outdoor landscapes to the furry, koalamouse-looking race that adorn the games advertisements seems to say “Hey, it’s ok."

Wildstar contains a number of features that make it much friendlier to those who are new to the MMO genre. But it doesn’t take any significant steps out of the box compared to its dominant competitors, so even though Wildstar is a good MMO, there isn’t much about it that will pull players away from other games.

Carbine has got as close as anybody to recapturing the feeling of early WOW, and while WildStar is unlikely to be epochal in the same way, it comes strongly recommended to anybody who has ever been captured by this particular arrangement of questing, RPG theory, exploration and strategy. WildStar is a comprehensive retooling of what made this genre great, paired with an eye for style and a strong sense of fun.

Fire up your starship and set the course to Nexus in Wildstar! The legendary homeworld of the long-lost Eldan civilisation has just been discovered and everyone in the galaxy is blazing a trail to the planet to uncover its many secrets. The powerful interstella empire known as the Dominion has claimed Nexus and all of its treasures, declaring war on the renegade Exiles who now call the planet their home. But as the war for control of Nexus heats up, an evil force is reawakened.

There are 2 warring factions on the planet Nexus, the players may choose from: the Exile and the Dominion Faction. The Exiles, a loose group of cast-offs and mercenaries, who were forced from their home planets and banded together out of necessity, were the first to settle Nexus. In contrast, the Dominion is a powerful interstellar empire that rules the galaxy using military strength, religious fervour and advanced weaponry and technology.
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