WildStar engages players with a high-action combat that truly tests players’ skill with its reactive telegraph system
WildStar engages players with a beautiful and distinctive animation style, robust housing customisation, and high-action combat that truly tests players’ skill with its fast-paced, reactive telegraph system. On top of that, the game’s personality is distinct in its own right; humorous but laced with a mysterious undercurrent that implies there is more happening in the world than meets the eye.

Not with big talk of moving narratives or ever-changing worlds, but by ramping up the unreal theme pack nature of its peers and predecessors. This is a game where you’re constantly presented with a legion of things to do, numbers to increase, boxes to tick, things to collect, factions to impress, points to earn, monsters air-dropped in to battle without warning and/or preferably all of the above simultaneously. It might even be too much, too overwhelming in its parade of sideshows. It’s difficult to gauge this even after a solid afternoon of playing with a recent build, partly because I was dropped straight in to level 6 and partly because my motives in playing a game at a press event are so different to my motives in my playing a finished game privately.

WildStar whisks players away to the distant planet of Nexus, a world once inhabited by a master race who have left a wealth of advanced technology concealed there. Two factions consisting of various races are battling over this newly-discovered treasure trove - The Dominion, a galactic empire who claim to be the rightful heirs to Nexus, and The Exiles, an alliance of refugees and outlaws driven from their homelands by the opposing side.

The world of Nexus is as rich and colourful as they come. After allying with one of these sides, players must choose between a selection of classes, races and paths, decisions that will shape their future on Nexus. In many ways, WildStar embraces old-school values. The classes of Warrior, Esper and Medic are about as archetypal as they come, but the game puts a unique spin these established principles. The developers have crammed enough personality and identity into its characters to dismiss the Warcraft visual comparisons as skin deep, though its the unique combat system that truly differentiates the experience.
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