WildStar executive producer thinks we'll eventually see an MMO more successful than WoW
Wildstar is set on the planet Nexus, once inhabited by an ancient race, Eldan. Currently, it is being explored by representatives of many nations. Everyone is trying to discover the cause of the mysterious disappearance of the original inhabitants of the planet. No matter if you are Warrior or Esper, you would need to Buy WildStar Platinum to gear up for battle and housing. Double Jumping, sprinting and dashing would be fun. But with high end items, you can enjoy much more in the fight. If you do not have supporting items to start, then come to us for Cheapest WildStar Gold.

At the first glance, Wildstar is no different from the other games of the genre. The main source of inspiration was, of course, World of Warcraft, because many workers of Carbine Studios previously worked on the Blizzard’s MMO. In the game, however, some pretty original solutions were used. The innovative character development system that allows you to run the game to your liking is particularly noteworthy.

"There’s a market out there that’s definitely interested in repeating the positive experience they’ve had with games in the past," says Carbine's Jeremy Gaffney.

Numerous MMORPGs have come along and attempted to compete with World of Warcraft, but none have managed to attract as many players--or get them to stick around for as long--as Blizzard's nearly 10-year-old game. Despite this track record, Jeremy Gaffney, executive producer at WildStar developer Carbine Studios, thinks we will eventually see an MMO more successful than WoW.

"There will be something bigger [than World of Warcraft] in our lifetimes," he told Develop. Gaffney didn't suggest WildStar, launching June 3, would be the game to manage this. He did however note that, at least player-wise, such games may already exist.

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