Wildstar has very colorful graphics and environments to explore
WildStar's promising players the moon, but are gamers just star-struck? I know I personally wasn't paying too much attention to the game until the recent video about paths. I'm not against the graphics, I think themeparks can be fun, and I've put up with PvE vs. PvP stats for about a decade and a half, so what's another year? But... well, I just keep getting the feeling that there's a lot of hype and no substance. The path video and the scientist path hands-on preview got me excited though. No longer were these empty promises! Someone had seen some of them first-hand! But maybe this was my downfall.

Wildstar has very colorful graphics and environments to explore. It also comes with micro-games to break up the monotony of fulfilling quests to gain levels. There are plenty of character races and professions that can be selected (each with unique content), which will keep players engaged for a long time.

If choosing your Race and your Class, you'll also get to choose a Path, sort of like a second job to think about while you play video games. Choose between Soldier, Explorer, Scientist and Settler and you'll start discovering Path specific quests popping up all around you. Depending on your Path, your quests will be markedly different. The Soldier gets things like assassination, demolition and defensive missions, whereas the Scientist gets his own Scanbot capable of analysing the surroundings and gathering data. The Explorer's Path missions revolve around discovering new locations and trekking to hard to reach spots on the map, and the Settler must build hospitals and deliver supply crates wherever he goes. You'll also get special gear for completing these Path quests.

The telegraphed targeting system is a big part of why this game is so fun! That does mean that, if you hate this style of combat, you will probably hate this game. It certainly isn't for everyone, but it is a lot of fun for those who like it!

In my opinion, Crafting is extremely well-done in wildstar. A good crafting system is not one that brings non-crafters in (though this does do that by making it easy to get good results), but rather a good crafting system makes crafters have a legitimate playstyle. There are slots of gear that the best in slot pieces will come from crafting. Architects not only build things for houses (see below), but also build equipment for use in 40v40 Warplots (see below). Crafting also takes a unique approach to progression, making so you don't have to craft 100 iron axes to level up your skills.
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