Wildstar innovative character development system allows you to run the game to your liking
Wildstar is set on the planet Nexus, once inhabited by an ancient race, Eldan. Currently, it is being explored by representatives of many nations. Everyone is trying to discover the cause of the mysterious disappearance of the original inhabitants of the planet. Our website is a professional online game service supplier can help you enjoy this game fluently. We would always do our best to make you satisfy to Buy Wildstar Gold and WildStar Platinum.
Wildstar innovative character development system that allows you to run the game to your liking is particularly noteworthy. In addition to the selection of race and class, the player must one of the paths of specialization. There are four roads – fight, collecting, construction, and exploration. Development of the representatives of the different paths depends on actions taken by the player. For example, warriors are rewarded for defeating enemies, and those who chose exploration receive experience for exploring the world and discovering new lands.

In WildStar, players can own a sky plot. This plot is a part of land consisting of a house and several "sockets", each socket can receive different "plugs". Plugs can consist of many different things, such as a crafting bench, a mine, an exploration shaft, etc.

In  the game you can find words which may be unknown for the beginning players. That's why all those notions are explained:

DPS - character who deals a lot of damage.

TANK - character who must survive damage and keep monsters on himself.

HEALER/HEAL - character who will heal other members of the team.

Mob - a monster.

Skill - particular character's ability.

Taunt - skill which provokes enemy to attack you. One of the most important skills of tank.

Buff - enhancing skill lasting some particular time.

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