WildStar is a modernised, truly hardcore MMORPG
WildStar features a number of different kinds of instances for players to sink their teeth into. Adventures are highly replayable scenarios, taking place in a mini open-world, each featuring multiple story paths for groups to choose from, and ending with a randomly assigned boss.  If you love the Wildstar and are looking for some rich-looking world, don't hesitate to get this game and Buy WildStar Platinum and Cheap WildStar Gold.

As with most MMOs, the game begins by allowing you to make a character. There are several options to choose, beginning with a selection from one of two factions you want to play on, and which of the four races on each suits your style. Each race has no benefit over another, so it's merely a stylistic choice. In regards to Exiles versus Dominion, neither is necessary evil, but the latter certainly comes across as the much more domineering of the two. Depending on which you choose you'll begin in a completely different area of Nexus, and will spend the majority of the leveling experience in faction-specific zones.

Raids can only be completed by the very best groups of players on a server, meaning that only the top few percent will ever see this content. It’s not just the difficulty of the raid, but also the challenge of finding 39 other likeminded players, each with a steady connection, hours to spare, and access to voice chat. They’re still beneficial to those that will never even attempt them though; the guilds getting the ‘server firsts’, and the air of mystery surrounding the raids themselves all help to expand on the feeling of an interesting, dynamic, community-driven world.

A subscription-based MMO needs to ensure that players feel their world is one worth investing in, and in this respect WildStar has delivered on almost every front. For players looking for a modernised, truly hardcore MMORPG, WildStar absolutely blasts away the competition.

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