WildStar is an MMORPG who’s artistic style and gameplay quests you’ll immediately be reminded of
If you grew up in the 90’s then this game aesthetic has been laser focused to appeal to your sensibilities. The entire artistic style is a massive throwback to the anthropomorphic age of the original PlayStation. The generation who have heard of games like Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, and Spyro will instantly recognize the visuals. Anatomy is heavily stereotyped in classic Saturday morning cartoon fashion, the evil dominion races appearing distorted toward bestial shapes or tall and imposing builds while the Exiles have more approachable, average silhouettes.

WildStar is an MMORPG like World of Warcraft, who’s artistic style and gameplay quests you’ll immediately be reminded of. However, WildStar packs so much nuance and identity into its visuals and visualization, with its characters bounding to life from the get-go. You play as either an Exile or Dominion citizen that is engaged in battle with the other side. For the Exiles, this means trying to survive long enough to eventually make it to the surface of Nexus, an indigenous planet full of wild Ravagers and mutant plant life. The objective? Find the ancient technology of The Eldan and put a stop to the Dominion once and for all.

Having played it for more than 50 hours, what impresses me is that it feels less cynical in its approach and less insecure about its inspirations. The World of Warcraft DNA is unmistakably present—you can see it in the questing, the structure, and, more than anything, the chunky, expressive cartoon style. But from that, Carbine have built, tweaked and created something distinct. Wildstar's biggest lesson is that you don't have to fundamentally revolutionise the genre to make a great MMO. You can instead use what's come before and, through a systematic and rigorous examination of every system, make it better.

What I realised early on is that WildStar takes several facets of MMO play and makes them more interesting. While you’re still clicking on enemies and hitting hotbar commands to dish out pain during combat, the move-set is chunky and satisfying. We size each other up for a moment. It’s about 30 feet tall with balled up fists the size of Land Rovers, and I’m a rough six-foot something or other. No matter. I ready my blade and charge up the grassy peak before striking the first blow, triggering a preposterous battle of between flesh and steel. My solider is only level five, but I’m already taking on foes multiple times my own size, and it feels good.
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