Wildstar is choc full of humour and personality
Wildstar is choc full of humour and personality though, with quests offering some of the craziest I’ve heard of in any MMO, My favourite saw me given the chance to mow down hundreds of space zombies on a super charged hover motorcycle. There’s some mini games thrown in too such as a make shift Simon says, a rather unique take on interrogation involving pressing the right key when certain lights aline on a model and even a simple button basher that left me blistered and stressed.

WildStar's devs, however, still have that same pugilistic confidence when talking about their sci-fi MMORPG. It's certainly got colour and character in spades, with a Firefly vibe to the outback planet on which it's set, and a vibrant sense of caricature. The mechanics hold promise, too, with their elaborate spread of classes and careers that radically alter the direction of your game.

Some of the quests open to you will change slightly depending on the path you choose. From explorer, scientist, Soldier or Settler. each will offer you some tasks that are more suited to its respectable path, while moulding how you interact with each zone to once again better suit the play style you’ve aligned more with. As a Soldier I was encouraged to take on the role of a warmonger essentially and found big rewards for battles I fought.

There’s also the world itself. Carbine’s excellent art direction has resulted in some beautiful sci-fi landscapes: icy wastes crisscrossed with ancient energy lines, fractured badlands where gravity is inconsistent and glowing crystals hang in the air. Top calibre execution deserves to win the game a dedicated audience, and I’m hopeful that it’ll find one – the MMO needs another solid, well-built game that doesn’t lean on its famous licence to find fans. Wildstar risks slipping under the radar, but don’t let it – it might just remind you why you liked MMOs in the first place.
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