Wildstar is far above and beyond most of MMO games
I enjoy Wildstar quite a bit. Besides some muddy animations, it’s so far above and beyond The Elder Scrolls Online, its Spring competition in the MMO space, that they’re barely comparable at all. It oozes charm and character in a genre usually content to sacrifice both for a naked grab for the subscription number pot of gold. I’m only at level 15, it should be noted, and I’ve been around the block enough that I know all the enjoyment may dissipate in a haze of reputation grinds and a brick wall of gated content.

But It appears that Carbine Studios really thought about what they’ve created. They’ve managed all the angles, from raid size to crafting to mounts to dungeons, in order to recreate the important parts of what was arguably World of Warcraft’s golden age, the period from its release to early Burning Crusade.

You can really feel some influence from Borderlands in the games style and it is surprising how seamlessly into a setting more similar to Titan AE. The factions provide stylistic differences in this vein in addition to their obvious moral opposition. As a member of the Exiles you can play out an accelerated plot of Ferngully and save burning forests by aiding the Aurin queen who can commune with nature. As Dominion, you can play tongue-in-cheek through some rather twisted themes in the vein of the Oddworld series.

The two factions of the game present players with a unique opportunity among MMOs of playing as either good or evil. Typically, although the aesthetic of different factions may incline one side more toward villainous themes, the Dominion are out-and-out evil. One of their first missions involves combusting/freezing human test subjects. Meanwhile, the Exiles present the opportunity for forlorn Browncoats to finally live out their Firefly fantasies and stick it to the intergalactic man.

Finally, There are some terms in the guide, as well as in the game, which may be new to beginner MMO players.

Tradeskill - One of the possible crafting skills, like for example "mining".

Ability Kiosk - A device from which you can buy new abilities.

PvE - Player versus Environment.

PvP - Player versus Player.

Path - Chosen by everyone when creating a character. You can choose only one of four available.

Adventure - A PvE instance, in which the player makes certain choices.
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