WildStar is more interesting than World of Warcraft
WildStar begins like most MMORPGs with character creation. Trending towards WoW, everything is decided at the outset. I was given the choice of joining the Dominion, an empire with the “divine right” to rule, or the Exiles, a ragtag group of rebel-types. Selecting Dominion with a gleeful smirk, I proceeded to select my class and path.

WildStar stands as a game with no real comparison next to it, and this writer would sooner lump it next to games like Ratchet & Clank rather than any contemporary MMO if only for it’s charming graphics and fun story. Not only did Carbine manage to make a fantastic title, it managed to make a stale genre fresh again, and hopefully it sets the stage for games, especially MMORPGs for the future to get a little insane with ideas and go for broke. Even if it fails, it’s more interesting than seeing yet another World of Warcraft clone.

The story behind WildStar is rather straightforward when it comes to the development of the title, bringing together former World of Warcraft developers from before the game went off the rails in Cataclysm. Even with such a glowing game in many of the developer’s track records, the same could be said with Warhammer Online, a game that was brought to us unfortunately by the developers of Dark Age of Camelot: the original massive PvP game. Skepticism is something that is easily thrown into one’s mind when MMOs nowadays are concerned, regardless of track record. Games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, the previously mentioned Warhammer Online, and even All Points Bulletin, another game that brought terrible to groundbreaking levels.

Every game that claims to have action gameplay doesn’t. Every game that claims an immersive story doesn’t. With the notable exception of Vindictus, action gameplay in MMORPGs doesn’t really exist. It doesn’t exist in WildStar either, despite their claims, but we’ll get to that in a second. Rewind to a period of time when my cynical butt thought WildStar would be different and that being a dual-gunslinging spell-flinging sorcerer would be fun.
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