Wildstar sets itself apart with the sheer amount of content available
Wildstar sets itself apart with the sheer amount of content available. Each of the game's massive zones is flooded with quests and challenges, constantly pushing players in new directions. It never let me slow down long enough to consider how much of what I was doing had been done before. But it wasn't until I stepped away that I realized how Wildstar makes even the most rote content polished and fun.

Though many of its obvious inspirations are fantasy role-playing games, Wildstar is full-on science fiction. Two warring factions — the Dominion and the Exiles — have discovered a planet called Nexus. With the planet abandoned by the hyper-advanced alien race that once lived there, the new inhabitants are left to explore, uncover the truth behind what happened and (naturally) fight over any territory and resources they find.

The combat in WildStar is action-orientated seen in MMOs like Guild Wars 2, instead of queueing abilities up and watching them fire away. A new system being introduced to the combat in WildStar is the telegraph system. Enemy (and player) attacks will visibly display the areas that they are going to affect, giving players the opportunity to dodge and sprint out of the way of attacks to mitigate incoming damage, and keep players mobile.

There are also explorer and scientist Paths to select, with the former receiving rewards for charting new territory and unearthing secrets, and the latter given incentives to gather information and lore about the world of Nexus. The character creation and customisation process is somewhat more thorough than your average MMO, but what truly differentiates WildStar is its combat system.

Additionally, there is a momentum system, where fast and efficient kills and objective completions will build up to provide substantial rewards for your character.
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