Wildstar similarly adopts standard hotbar based MMORPG combat and gives it a welcome upgrade
It’s becoming increasingly difficult for MMORPGs, let alone new properties to break out after one game has dominated critically and commercially for 10 straight years. After the high profile failures of Star Wars: The Old Republic and Elder Scrolls Online it’s understandable to approach any new game with caution, especially with one behind unreasonable marketing hype. WildStar is a game that has been developed by Carbine, made up from individuals involved in World of Warcraft, even encompassing talent from Valve and the fondly remembered City of Heroes. WildStar’s existence has been known for a few years now, and after the aforementioned profound failures approaching it with caution would only be the smart thing to do.

Wildstar similarly adopts standard hotbar based MMORPG combat and gives it a welcome upgrade. Those who prefer to spam the same keys over and over again might find themselves dying pretty frequently, even early into the game. Enemies can pack quite a punch, proving that even basic solo battles require that you pay attention. At its foundation, Wildstar’s questing and side content is what you’d expect from this sort of game, but Carbine adds so many extra layers on top of this that you almost get distracted by the fact that you’re doing the same thing you’ve done in every MMO since World of Warcraft took over.

If that isn’t enough for you, each area has a few particularly powerful monsters that require you to join up with other adventurers to defeat. They’re fun impromptu activities, and early on give you a taste for cooperative battle.

The addition of paths also brings a unique twist to quest progression throughout Wildstar. Players are asked to choose a path during character creation: Explorer, Soldier, Settler, or Scientist. While your class determines the role you’ll assume in combat, your path shapes the way in which you interact with the world itself. As soon as you arrive on Nexus you’re given a series of additional path quests to complete.
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