Wildstar takes everything you would expect from the MMORPG genre
Set in a sci-fi universe rendered with the tone and palette of an ’80s Saturday morning cartoon, WildStar revels in its game-like trappings, and that is its most striking and attractive quality. The game’s two factions – the Han Solo-ish Exiles and scenery-chewing Dominion – are each comprised of colourful and diverse races. Humans are angular, exaggerated and expressive (art director Matt Mocarskicites Pixar, and particularly The Incredibles, as a reference point) while the Chua are three-foot-tall, villainous mouse-people that bound like Looney Toons.

On the Dominion side there’s also the Draken – hulking beast-people, somewhere between WOW’s Worgen and Wolverine – and the Mechari, towering fascistic robots. The Aurin are lithe Exile humanoids with rabbit ears and tails, and the Mordesh are a strange take on the undead, space zombies seeking a cure for their degenerative illness.

One of the more anticipated features in WildStar is the player housing, which involves decorating a plot of land designated as your own with no outside player input on items. Typically this includes predetermined set pieces for homes and land, which Carbine does provide, though it doesn’t give the same set ground for accessories. The accessories one can gain through the game world either by crafting or fighting are fully customizable to an absurd degree. If the player wants a tiny table with cubs the size of a Human being it’s doable through the customizable scaling and rotation of items. If one’s prerogative is to make a by-the-books home with a carefully decorated indoor area then that is allowed, though if another wanted to go all out crazy and make a park for hoverboards it’s doable through patience.

The housing wasn’t simply a tacked on feature to satiate a player’s urge to have something of their own in private, there are crafting stations, supply nodes, and bonuses one can gain in their own plot of land. There are rewards to having a home through bonus rested experience, or even boosted experience and money through PvP, crafting, or PvE. Everything about the player housing was done correctly, and Carbine provides the most depth for it out of any MMO on the market today, it’s surprisingly easy to sink in hours decorating land.

Wildstar is simply fantastic! It looks great, has a whole lot of humour and personality and it really offers something for everyone. There’s a rich lore to be had or there’s some hardcore raiding and boss fights if you so fancy. Wildstar takes everything you would expect from the MMORPG genre and with a few clever twists and tweaks, brings something fresh to the table.
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