WildStar takes place in a fictional universe on the recently discovered planet of Nexus
WildStar would like to suggest that it was those rigid boundaries, the parts of the games that were supposed to be “inaccessible,” that actually made the old MMORPGs great. Year after year, gamers and critics have declared that the genre needs to be easier for them to get into. WildStar says that the genre is failing in part because developers are listening to that line of thought. These games work because they’re so restrictive, WildStar proudly declares. Catering to fans demanding convenience has led developers to pursue a portion of the market that’s unlikely to stay at the expense of alienating diehard fans.

WildStar isn’t wrong. It's certainly true in market terms that there are large numbers of fans who miss the rigidity of games like World Of Warcraft and Everquest. It may be true in qualitative terms as well—the repeated failure of MMORPGs to capture WoW’s early magic could be easily explained as an unwillingness for these follow-ups to be as rigid and difficult as they should be.

The game takes place in a fictional universe on the recently discovered planet of Nexus. The planet, once inhabited by a hyper-advanced race of aliens known as The Eldan who have all but disappeared, is fought over by two factions both hoping to control the concealed lost technology of Nexus;The Dominion, an intergalactic empire forged by the Eldan with the goal of controlling the galaxy,and The Exiles, a group of refugees and outlaws who have all been driven from their respective homelands by The Dominion and have joined forces to fight them.[

"If you like combat, you can choose to be a soldier. It's not enough to have kill quests and challenges. Soldiers opt in and are given things like assassination missions and given extra rewards for slaying hordes of monsters."

There are also explorer and scientist Paths to select in the game, with the former receiving rewards for charting new territory and unearthing secrets, and the latter given incentives to gather information and lore about the world of Nexus. The character creation and customisation process is somewhat more thorough than your average MMO, but what truly differentiates WildStar is its combat system. While there are similarities to its genre counterparts - with special abilities mapped to each of the number keys and spells requiring time to recharge - the game places a sharper focus on mastering movement and evasive action.
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