Wildstar will pushes you to explore every corner of the planet Nexus
In a world this vast and beautiful however, having to search for the story is actually quite forgivable and in a way, really pushes you to explore every corner of the planet. Possibly the biggest MMO I’ve seen, Wildstar splits the planet Nexus into well over a dozen zones, all of which offer heights to climb, dangers to traverse and knock on effects to gameplay you may be used to, with gravity shifts, radiation and tornadoes all to be wary of and change your game plan accordingly. This ethos of ever changing surroundings and the openness of exploration, even within the movements available to you, made me feel like i was playing something much more akin to a platformer than a standard MMO. I enjoyed nothing more than a leisurely stroll along with some sprinting and double jumps thrown in as I explored. Everything here feels truly fluid which is a great achievement for the guys at Carbine, who have clearly worked to offer the next step in control within the genre.

Similarly to how you’re able to see your own damage area, you can also see the damage area of any enemy who’s currently trying to cast a spell towards you. This telegraph system becomes invaluable when you’re taking on enemies who are levels above you’re character, or just one of the many elite level mobs who are sprinkled in between the normal enemies just to give you a hard time when you’re not paying particularly close attention. Nexus is dangerous, and that’s just one of the things you’re going to have to get used to.

Due to the timing and separate functions of each ability at one’s disposal, it ensures that most abilities don’t work the same way. This leaves the feeling of each action the player takes being fresh and the feeling never really goes away as you’re left tinkering with the placement of a shot and how to lead towards efficient combos. There’s an emphasis placed on aiming skill rather than repetition, and it helps keeping things from feeling mechanical by nature. There’s still a need for rotations, but to perform well in WildStar it takes more than knowing the correct buttons to press and on what, and it all flows surprisingly well.

Alongside the revamped PvE mechanics are certain professions a player can take which are offered at the creation of their character, ranging from Soldiers, Scientists, Explorers, and Settlers. The Soldiers themselves are the typical hold areas, test items and free friendly NPCs and offers itself as the most generic and familiar option. Scientists explore the lore and environments in the world, allowing one that was especially interested in the story of WildStar a profession to satisfy their curiosities. Explorers climb vistas and reach hard-to-find areas on a map and Settlers help themselves and other players with buffs, vendors, and flying waypoints to other areas depending on where the nodes lie. These separate quests offer the ability to break up the monotony of questing with side tasks that reward cosmetic armor, titles, and more importantly specific abilities that make fighting enemies easier in the world.
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