Wildstar's comic book art style allows for a sprawling world full of larger-than-life landmarks begging to be explored
If you enjoy riding the hype train of new MMOs, 2014 has been a fun year. We’ve seen two major AAA launches in the past couple of months, and we’re only half-way through the year. Though two different games, ESO and WildStar have been developed and released side-by-side in the eyes of players over the past few years, and it makes for an exciting time for MMO fans.

Wildstar's greatest obsession is keeping players busy. It has a unique tone compared to its competition, but Wildstar is also very much an amalgam. It's a collection of gameplay and content that may as well have been pulled from a bucket labeled "what fans of the genre expect" — that genre being massively multiplayer online role-playing games in the post-World of Warcraft era. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. The familiarity can be inviting, especially when it allows for more challenging gameplay faster than other massively multiplayer games.

Wildstar's exaggerated, comic book art style allows for a sprawling world full of larger-than-life landmarks begging to be explored. It also causes characters models to look gross and unappealing — especially women character models.

Regardless of race or where you set your sliders, female character models all tend toward absurdly thin waists and absurdly large chests. More disturbingly, they're actually animated in a creepy, sexualized way — swaying hips, heaving bosoms, etc. — which male characters are not stuck with. I wasn't excited to play as one of the multitude of muscular, broad-chested guys either, but at least I didn't feel like they were designed specifically to drool over.

The Exiles were chased and killed by the Dominions, so they had to survive on their vessel and keep running from their enemy. This takes us back to the present. Now, both factions found the planet Nexus. The former inhabitants, the Eldan, are nowhere to be seen and both alliances are wondering what happened. Next to that, the two alliances have the same goal: kill the enemy and claim the planet. What they didn’t realise is that this irresistible globe contains other secrets as well.
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